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Adrian Margey has been hailed by the Belfast Telegraph as ‘one of the rising stars of a new generation of Ulster artists’.  Over the past ten years, his work has been climbing the ranks of the competitive Irish art market and is now held in private and corporate collections across the world.

Adrian’s work focuses on the landscape, iconic landmarks and musical traditions of the island of Ireland.  He has two distinct styles.  One he labels as ‘traditional’ – inspired in the main part by the Irish Impressionists.  The other he labels loosely as contemporary.  It is characterised by bold colours and strong form which echo the aesthetics of modern living.  This style makes reference to the Naïve School and Fauvism and has been influenced by time spent in South America.

Although Adrian achieved joint first place in Northern Ireland in A-Level Art and Design in 2003, he opted out of going to Art College in favour of pursuing his academic studies. This relative freedom prevented formal artistic instruction from quashing Adrian’s notably individual style. In truth the idiosyncratic nature of his work is likely to be the very reason for its popularity.

Adrian holds a First Class BSc Honours in Communication, Advertising and Marketing from Ulster University, a Licentiate of the London College of Music (Singing) and a PhD from Queen’s University Belfast.  His PhD research explored the concept of Entrepreneurship in the Creative Industries.

In recent years, Adrian has been awarded funding from the Arts Council of Northern Ireland to stage a series of high profile solo exhibitions across Northern Ireland, hold a launch exhibition of his work in Dublin and begin promoting his art in the USA.  With his original pieces in strong demand, Adrian now holds an average of five solo exhibitions per year across the country and frequently works to private commission.  Further information about Adrian’s exhibition schedule can be found on our sister site www.adrianmargey.com.

Evana Bjourson is a portrait artist specialising in pencil and chalk pastels.  Her work aims to convey the essence of an individual’s character whilst remaining true to the dynamics of the human form.  Evana’s close attention to detail and expressive approach to portraiture, make her a popular choice for those wishing to commission a portrait.

Evana’s formal training is in architecture.  She holds a BSc in Architecture from Queen’s University and a Masters of Architecture from Ulster University.  Evana’s research into the field of the dynamic perspective informs her approach to portraiture. In addition, Evana’s love of dance and interest in the subtleties of the human form inspire her work. Evana’s influences include; the cubist work of Marcel Duchamp, the intricate surrealist drawings of Salvador Dali and the optical illusions and quirks of perception of Maurits Escher.